One’s Guide to Getting Rid of Single Use Plastic!

What is a single use plastic?

  • A piece of plastic only used once.

  • Examples include:

  • Plastic bags

  • Plastic straws

  • Water bottles

  • Zip block bags

  • Utensils

  • Glitter

  • Coffee cup lids

  • Food wrappers

  • Plastic take out containers

  • And much much more!

Why is single use plastic bad?

  • The U.N. Environment reports just nine per cent of the world’s nine billion tons of plastic has been recycled.

  • Plastics do not biodegrade. Instead they slowly break down into smaller pieces of plastic called microplastics.

  • The toxic chemicals used to manufacture plastic gets transferred to animal tissue, eventually entering the human food chain.

  • These toxic chemicals also seep into our ground from landfills and get into our water and oceans

  • It is estimated that each year eight million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans.

  • Scientists estimate that plastics could outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050 unless we take serious action

What can you do?

  • Email local/government officials to band certain single use plastics

  • Eat at restaurants with recylable take out containers

  • For drinks like soda: buy in glass bottles or cans instead of plastic.

  • Avoid non recyclable materials

  • Gain knowledge about your local plastics and policies – you can never read to much

  • Recycle!

  • Use alternatives to plastics

Single Use Plastics and their Alternatives (with links!)

  1. Plastic straws
    • Things to use instead
      1. Bamboo straw
      2. Metal straw (they make cute keychains)
    • Plastic bags
      • Alternatives-
        1. Buy a couple of the dollar resuable bags at your grocery store!
        2. Get a 10 pack for cheap on amazon
        3. They even come insulated to keep your things hot or cold
  1. Plastic water bottles
  1. Plastic ziplock bags
  1. Produce bags
    1. Use a reusable mesh one!

    2. Plastic utensils
    3. Invest in a reusable small container of utensils to carry in your bag!

(its cute and on sale)
  1. Glitter!
  1. Coffee cups with plastic lids
    1. It’s collapsible.. It’s recyable.. It’s cute.. Enough said.

There are way more single use plastics and their alternatives so feel free to explore!


Don’t forget to use in order to give money to your favorite charity at no additional cost.

Article written by intern Zoe Meyers.