Marine Conservation and Instructor Internship

The Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center and the College of Diving would like to introduce you to our Marine Conservation and Instructor Internship, offering you the training to become a certified PADI Instructor, combined with extensive experience in marine conservation. Aimed at those looking to build a career in diving and conservation studies, this 3 month program provides platinum status instructor training implemented with marine research programs currently being undertaken in Utila!


  • Phase 1: You will enroll in an extended-duration IDC of 14 days under a 6:1 ratio. This Instructor Development Course prepares you to become a PADI Dive Instructor.
  • Phase 2: This step is optional but highly recommended. In our Specialty Instructor program, we will train you on how to teach your favourite specialties. We have broad range of specialty instructor training courses with all time favourites such as Enriched Air, Wreck and Sidemount but can also include marine life and conservation oriented courses such as AWARE Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist, Dive Against Debris Instructor etc.
  • Phase 3: the following 2 months is an integration into WSORC, where you’ll begin training and data collection in benthic and fish monitoring studies, whale shark research and identification, lionfish regulation management, and introduction to how NGO’s operate within Marine Protected Areas.

WSORC undertakes and assists in multiple research projects at any one time; from whale shark guideline introduction and identification techniques, monitoring coral and fish dynamics, to lionfish dissection classes. With new projects on the way
it’s difficult to give an exact agenda of what you will be involved with, as it depends on your date of arrival.

For more information on this program, follow the link below to The College of Diving website to find information on start dates, pricing, and what’s included in this exciting new program!

College of Diving- Marine Conservation and Instructor Internship