Many hands make light work…

On Wednesday the 5th of March WSORC volunteers lent a helping hand to students visiting from Mount Royal University, Canada, during a beach clean up on one of Utila’s beaches.

Dedicated event organizer Sarah Laverty co-ordinated the beach clean-up in an attempt to counter the constant wave of rubbish that washes up here on Utila.  A great turn-out of willing volunteers saw two truck-loads of environmentally-minded volunteers setting off to Airport Beach. 

The usual culprits such as bottles and lids, shoes, cups, plates and assorted plastics were found in abundance but a great surprise to
many of us was the relentless amount of polystyrene present, with foam pieces in all shapes and sizes virtually overrunning the beach.  After a grueling 3 hours in the hot sun, the beach clean efforts saw all 28 100 liter trash bags filled and the effort was halted. Good job everyone!

A big thank you to Sarah and the people at Coral View for organizing the event and providing transport for all the
volunteers. Also thanks go to volunteers from the Iguana Station and the Bay Islands Conservation Association, the many students from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada, and of course our dedicated volunteers from the Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center.