Meet the Team

Dan Hughes – Director

Having grown up in rural England, at one of the furthest points from the sea; His love for the ocean developed at a young age, from annual trips to his uncle’s salmon farm on the Scottish coast. Even the fourteen-hour drive wouldn’t dull his enthusiasm to get back in the cold Atlantic water. This passion has developed in to a need to explore and understand the marine world. Having graduated with a degree in Marine Biology from Newcastle university, this passion has taken him to Madagascar, Fiji, Indonesia and South Africa to try and find ways to help our already degraded, but precious seas.

Andrea Izaguirre – Community Outreach Coordinator

Andrea was born and raised in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. Due to her family’s love of travel, she got to know a lot of off-the-beaten-path places in Honduras and America from a young age. Her love of animals was also quite evident since then as she brought home several stray dogs and cats, four birds, two rabbits, and even a boa constrictor (much to her family’s dismay). During University she worked as a first grade teacher and fell in love with spreading knowledge of the natural world to the next generation.

Megan Fryer – Intern Coordinator

When Megan saw Discovery Channel’s shark week in primary school, her career in marine sciences was set. Her love for sharks and desperation to save them has led her across the globe studying shark biology, working with different eco-tourism companies and volunteering at non-profits focused on marine conservation. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in evolutionary biology and ecology and has since used her degree to bring awareness to the fragile state our oceans are in.