At WSORC, we know that there are a multitude of internship opportunities for people interested in travelling the world, protecting the environment, and doing something worthwhile with their money and time. As environmentalists ourselves, we also understand the importance of gaining practical field experience in order to further careers in conservation.

Our programs focus on providing interns with key skills necessary for pursuing careers in marine conservation. Students will earn dive qualifications, participate in underwater research monitoring, and gain an understanding of marine conservation issues in the Caribbean.

Our programs cater to different levels of experience, from people who have never dived before, to PhD students with multiple publications. This a quick breakdown of our programs, please click on the links for more information :

Marine Conservation internship: A 1-month introduction to marine conservation where volunteers learn to dive, identify basic marine creatures, and participate in whale shark population monitoring projects.

Dive Master & Marine Conservation Internship: A three month (minimum) program aimed at participants intent on earning their PADI Dive Master qualification and gaining practical experience working within a marine conservation NGO. Program structure is very similar to the Marine Conservation Internship, but Dive Master Trainees are provided with more in-depth training, and given more responsibilities within the WSORC management team.

Research Assistant: A three month (minimum) program for experienced divers who want to gain practical working experience within a marine conservation NGO. Research Assistants gain in-depth training in marine creature identification and research techniques during their program, and are eventually given similar responsibilities as staff members within the WSORC management team.

Independent Research Opportunities: WSORC is able to assist students and researchers interested in conducting their own research projects on Utila. Please contact to discuss your project with us.

All internship programs begin on the first Monday of each month, without exception. Internships will terminate on those Saturdays which precede each first Monday.