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Life in Utila is a far stretch from what I had been used to back in London. Basically, I didn’t think within 24 hours of arriving, I was going to be the number 1 pin in a game of human slip n slide ten pin bowling. My job back in […]

Utila Life

Night dive – These two words terrified me. Of all the amazing things I was looking forward to experiencing on my month long Marine Conservation Internship, only one thing was making me sick to my stomach and risked ruining my whole month – one stupid dive. You see, I have […]

When The Sun Goes Down

On my first morning in Utila, the WSORC team and I went to do our weekly beach clean up. I expected a few bottles, some food wrappers, an odd article of clothing that was left, etc. But when we got there I couldn’t believe the amount of garbage strewn about […]


I have been in Utila for three weeks now and there has been a steep increase of the amount of mosquitos in the last week and a half. Unfortunately this has led us to being attacked by swarms of mosquitos when we have been outside. I have started wearing bug […]

To Kill or Not to Kill

Utila’s first dive shop opened in 1991 and twenty years later there are over 10 dive shops and resorts. The growth of this dive industry and the low price of an open water course has lured in many budget travelers to the Caribbean island. As tourism increases on the 11km […]

How has tourism changed local perceptions of the ocean?

The polar regions are important drivers of the world’s climate. Ocean currents redistribute heat around the world via thermohaline circulation (also called the Global Ocean Conveyor). One reason water in the Global Ocean Conveyor circulates is because of differences in water density. Differences in temperature and salinity are the cause […]

Ocean Motion

Late last year the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released a report via its biennial Living Planet Report for the year 2014. The results of the science based study were quite sobering. The Living Planet Index (LPI), which measures trends for more than 10,000 representative populations of fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, […]

The Importance of Biodiversity

Which species deserves to be conserved? One could argue that all animals facing extinction should be saved, as each play an important role in the entirety of the ecosystem. However, as the scientist David Stokes recently wrote in the Journal of Human Ecology, ‘human preferences will increasingly determine many species’ […]

Conservation and Aesthetics

When you work in the field of conservation even for a short amount of time your eyes are quickly opened to the perils facing the natural world. From habitat loss to global warming, humans are having a huge detrimental impact on all life on our planet. Seeing these impacts first […]

Don’t forget to look on the bright side

I have now been at WSORC for ten weeks. Upon arriving in Utila, I did not quite know what to expect. But as soon as I dropped my bags, I was immediately plunged into an amazing atmosphere that has created countless and unique memories. Here is a look into my […]

Utila Time