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We all start travelling with a little bucket list, those little travel must-do’s that will make your trip even better. For me, this was seeing a whale shark! Just as so many people, those gentle giants have always intrigued me & seeing them in their natural habitat was a lifelong […]

When you’re aware, you care.

Life in Utila is a far stretch from what I had been used to back in London. Basically, I didn’t think within 24 hours of arriving, I was going to be the number 1 pin in a game of human slip n slide ten pin bowling. My job back in […]

Utila Life

Night dive – These two words terrified me. Of all the amazing things I was looking forward to experiencing on my month long Marine Conservation Internship, only one thing was making me sick to my stomach and risked ruining my whole month – one stupid dive. You see, I have […]

When The Sun Goes Down

On my first morning in Utila, the WSORC team and I went to do our weekly beach clean up. I expected a few bottles, some food wrappers, an odd article of clothing that was left, etc. But when we got there I couldn’t believe the amount of garbage strewn about […]


I have been in Utila for three weeks now and there has been a steep increase of the amount of mosquitos in the last week and a half. Unfortunately this has led us to being attacked by swarms of mosquitos when we have been outside. I have started wearing bug […]

To Kill or Not to Kill