Saving the Swamper   Recently updated !

Volunteering at the whale shark centre is full of surprises…while we are working for the conservation of ‘the gentle giant’ there are other people putting a lot of effort into keeping a real taste of the island by taking care of species endemic to Utila, the spiny tailed “swamper” iguana. […]



Development on Utila: How will it affect the island?

Since its early history as a pirate refuge to its modern day status as a hangout for expatriates and adventurous travelers, Utila has been a place for people looking to escape reality…or at least find a new one. Nestled in its own remote corner of the Caribbean Sea, Utila has […]


Snorkel Clean Up 29th January 2015

This morning we had a snorkel clean up in Utila Harbour, starting out from Utila Lodge dock and ending up at Sandy Bay Apartments.   Thanks to the WSORC team, Owen, Mark, Annie, Kristen and Jess and special thanks to Nina Widjaja and Cedric Depinay for taking the time to […]

WSORC Goes on Sea Turtle Patrol! – By Chris

  Last week, three members of the WSORC team headed to the North side of Utila to take part in the turtle monitoring program here on Utila Island. Hannah, Joe and I (Chris) all donned long comfortable clothing and packed our bags with cameras and snacks in preparation of a […]

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Iguana Station Visit! By Joe Painter   Recently updated !

This week WSORC volunteer Joe and our two new interns Chris & Hannah took a trip up to the Iguana Research & Breeding Station, a fellow local conservation organisation in Utila to learn about the research and conservation efforts they are involved with. In 2004, the Utila spiny-tailed, or swamper, […]

Touch Down in Utila! By Volunteer Johann Cow

Touch Down Utila, Sea Shepherd Presentation, First Whale Shark Encounter & Positive Outlook for month ahead!   My long journey to Utila began in a rainy, dreiche Edinburgh and took me through Amsterdam, Atlanta, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba and finally after a very rough, bumpy, pukey ferry – Utila! […]



5th June 2014 World Environment Day Utila Style! By Volunteer Zoe Mayo

Celebrating World Environment Day 2014! With a total of 28 hours travel time, travelling from London Heathrow to Houston, Texas, San Pedro Sula, and La Ceiba, I finally reached my final destination of Utila where I would be staying for 5 weeks! I can hardly say that there weren’t any […]