Overfishing   Recently updated !

Overfishing is more of a problem then many people realize or even care about. More than 85% of fisheries have been pushed to or beyond their biological limit. Overfishing is the act of catching more fish than the population can replace through natural reproduction. It is often caused by poor fisheries management, extensive […]

Mangroves on Utila

The island of Utila isn’t a big one; at about 11 km long and 4 km across at its widest point, it’s the smallest of the Honduran Bay Islands. It mainly consists of mangroves, partially submerged, swamp-like forests that smell a little like an outhouse and that are nearly impossible […]


The impact of diving   Recently updated !

As a Research Assistant here at WSORC, I have been able to pursue several research projects, including lionfish surveys and diver impact monitoring. While the lionfish work has not started yet, I had the opportunity to start studying the impact recreational divers have on the reef. This has involved anonymously […]

The status of conservation on Utila   Recently updated !

Which conservation organisations operate on Utila?   As a Marine Conservation Intern with the Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Centre (WSORC), I have had many opportunities over the past three weeks to participate in a variety of different conservation initiatives. There are lots of different conservation organizations on Utila, both long […]



Why you should learn to fish ID   Recently updated !

Do you know the difference between a rock hind and a graysby grouper? Or a longspine and a reef squirrelfish? . Well, before the start of my time as an intern at WSORC in Utila, I definitely could not…. My fish identification skills consisted of anything I had picked up […]

How to Spot a Whale Shark

A number of months ago I decided to take some time out of corporate life and volunteer for 4 weeks at the Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Centre (WSORC) on Utila. In the lead up I was extremely excited about getting the chance to swim with whale sharks. . I realised when […]

whale shark


The Art Of Duck Diving

The first time I tried to duck dive, Mark, our Volunteer Coordinator, took us all out to Coral View to practice our snorkelling technique for CoralWatch surveys. For the surveys we have to assess the coral to see how much bleaching is occurring in the area. We duck dive down […]

Learning to Lionfish

We’ve come to the end of another fun and busy week here with WSORC as we start our ocean safaris, beach clean ups and research dives! We’ve been improving our duck diving technique and are getting better at fish identification on the coralwatch surveys, whilst obtaining important information on the health […]



My First Day on Utila

After 36 hours, 4 planes, weather delays, uncomfortable airport stopovers and a serious lack of vegetarian food I finally found myself touching down on Utila’s ‘airport’ runway… When I say airport I mean more glorified shed but none the less as soon as I left the 6 seater plane I […]